• Composting: 5 Things We Learned The Hard Way

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    Howdy. Remember when we started composting last summer and didn't really know what we were doing? Well. I am probably more excited than I should be to announce that it worked! We think. We're pretty sure. Today I'll share five things we learned about composting the hard way. :) Click through to join me... (more…)

  • Tips for living without a dishwasher

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    (This post is another one from the archives, since I am getting to know my new baby girl and settling into life with THREE! kids... the info is still perfectly relevant! Enjoy. :) ) One of the quaint quirks of the Shoebox is that it has no electronic dishwasher. That's right. We've lived for over three! ...

  • Friday Forum: Small Budget vs Small Footprint

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    Howdy! I'm curious to see your responses to today's question, so I'll jump right in. Generally, I think that living green is also budget friendly. Example: line drying clothes. It is not only easy on the environment since the dryer isn't running, but you're also saving electricity and a little bit o cash at the ...

  • Ten reasons to start line-drying laundry

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    Greetings! This post originally ran on Aug. 13th last year. But since summer arrived and I've been in full outside-drying-clothes-mode, I thought it would be good to share these ten reasons again. Enjoy! I've loved the idea of line drying clothes in the sun since fifth grade. (Lame, I know.) My teacher was a kind hippy-type ...

  • On Compost: Part 1

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    We’re making dirt outside our front door. (Kind of. It’s compost actually, but that doesn't make it any classier.) Just to get our feet wet, today I'm sharing the basics: what compost is, what it’s used for, and how to make it (in very, very simple terms.) (more…)

  • The Art of Leftovers Wizardry

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    I don't claim to be an expert in anything, but there is one thing I'm not too shabby at and that is effectively concocting meals using leftovers. My mama taught me well; she is the queen of making leftovers into casseroles that taste gourmet. Using up leftover food helps to squeeze more meals out of ...

  • Three Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Recycle

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    I am pleased (and slightly ashamed) to announce that we recently started regularly recycling household goods, for the first time in my life. And I mean really recently—like since the beginning of the year. Of course I've been wanting to start recycling for a while now, but excuses always stopped me. We don't have enough ...