• When Life Demands a Slower Season

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    Hi Smallish friends! It's been awhile since I've said hello without a resurrected archive post following. I hope you're enjoying the first glimpses of spring (or fall, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!). I've spent the past several weeks adjusting to our new normal as a family of five in the Shoebox. Click ...

  • Hidden Storage: Under Table Top Space

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    Good morning! Guess what? We just finished another fun space-saving mini-project. Well, Caveman did it all. I just clapped and smiled and encouraged because that's really all I'm good at. However, I am proud to announce that THIS idea was my own. My genius! Caveman's design! We recently modified our kitchen table into "two tables ...

  • When life feels like a holding pattern

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    Hello! This week I'm sharing yet another one from the dusty archives, as we are still adjusting to life as a family of five. And by now, I'm really, really tired. This post first ran back in 2012. I hope it blesses you today!  > > > Years ago my family and I were flying into ...

  • Three Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

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    HI! This post from the archives ran last year around Valentines Day. Although dating our spouse should be a high priority all year round, it's especially relevant during everyone's favorite (or least favorite!) romantic holiday.   > > > Those of us in the early stages of raising kiddos might not have the extra money or energy ...

  • Our Unique Toddler-Sized Bunk Beds

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    Hey friends! Caveman has been up to some amazing projects lately (like these cool wall lamps), and I'm SO excited to share our toddler-size bunk beds with you. These modern space-saving and cost effective bunk beds are unique because Dan dreamed them up from scratch—like from his brain. Just like that. And then he designed them to ...

  • DIY Wall Lamps

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    Let there be light in the Shoebox! We have seriously needed it. Caveman recently whipped up some great wall lamps to supplement sub-par lighting in our tiny apartment for less than $15 apiece. The end result is both easy on the eyes and our bank account. Click through for the do-it-yourself steps to make these ...

  • Our One Year Birthday

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    Hey there. Guess what? Today is Smallish’s birthday! Exactly one year ago I held my breath, closed my eyes and launched this tiny piece of our story and soul. Over the months I watched as pixels and precious hours collaborated to create community. Now here we are. (more…)

  • Benefits of Raising Children in a Small Space

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    I overheard a recent conversation Red had with one of his friends. They were comparing house sizes and Red claimed that his “house was huuuuge.”  Neighbor friend countered that his house was bigger. Red insisted that his house was bigger. And on it went. We moms smiled to each other over our not-so-steaming-anymore-cups of coffee, ...