• A Goodbye Tribute to the Shoebox

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    Howdy friend! We are settling deeper and better into our new home each day, but in all the hullabaloo I haven't posted an official goodbye tribute to that special basement apartment of ours, The Shoebox. Here it is. I knew The Shoebox was the right place for us the moment I stepped through the rusted door. ...

  • What We Miss About England

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    Caveman and I met in a Starbucks in England. I was shy, green apron clad behind the counter. He was loud American in a red North Face jacket waiting in the clamoring line trailing out the door. We spent the budding three years of our relationship in Harrogate, arguably the most beautiful town in the ...

  • When Life Demands a Slower Season

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    Hi Smallish friends! It's been awhile since I've said hello without a resurrected archive post following. I hope you're enjoying the first glimpses of spring (or fall, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!). I've spent the past several weeks adjusting to our new normal as a family of five in the Shoebox. Click ...

  • Our One Year Birthday

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    Hey there. Guess what? Today is Smallish’s birthday! Exactly one year ago I held my breath, closed my eyes and launched this tiny piece of our story and soul. Over the months I watched as pixels and precious hours collaborated to create community. Now here we are. (more…)

  • Three Tips to Get Debt Free …(and exciting news)

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    Greetings from the Shoebox! These cracked walls have seen much rejoicing recently over the excitement of one very great accomplishment... We are officially debt free! Yes, that's right. A couple weeks ago we paid off the last of our (relatively) small but bothersome school debt. Of course we are thrilled at the freedom of owing ...

  • Truth for Difficult Circumstances

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    That moment. We've all been there, that moment when bad news arrives from the other end of the phone. For us it came most recently mid-morning on a Tuesday. Caveman started pacing across the Shoebox living room, his shoulders slightly slumped. And somehow, I knew. I knew he wouldn't be going into work that day ...

  • How we recycle my wedding dress

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    Pssst! Guess what? Tomorrow Caveman and I celebrate our six year anniversary! Hooray! As a way of making our day special, we have a tradition that "recycles" a very important part of our wedding. Click through to find out how we celebrate... (more…)