• Take It {Self Care for the Best You}

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    Yesterday during nap time I sat outside alone. I deeply inhaled fresh air. The strengthening spring sun's rays warmed my back while I read. It was a much needed break which rejuvenated my heart, mind and body to make it through the rest of the day. My heart overflowed with gratitude, my senses feeding it morsels over ...

  • 5 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Kiss Stress Goodbye

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    Hello Smallish friends! I'm super excited to "hand the mic" over to Mark and Laura Tong today. Mark and Laura run a great website called EnjoyLifeSlowly in which they care about all things intentional: destressing, minimalism, slowing down, living healthfully, and more. They are on the front lines of pushing the minimalist lifestyle forward by ...

  • What Minimalism Looks Like For Our Family

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    Minimalism is a parallel topic that is important to us but that hasn't been addressed directly on Smallish much. My hesitancy to officially claim the term "minimalist" is mostly due to a ridiculous anxiety that we're not quite minimalists yet. I worry that if the Minimalism Police stepped through our door they'd slap us with ...

  • Cast-Iron Dutch Oven Convert

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    Hey there friends! We're talking cookware today... come on over. :) I've wanted an enameled cast-iron dutch oven for years. I use my crock pot and stock pot independently often, but there is a versatility and depth of flavor that only a dutch oven can deliver. Really I've been gaga over the colors of enamel available ...

  • A Bright Gift: Homemade Candles

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    Hi! Hope your week was great. I realize that Christmas has come and gone and therefore a hand crafted gift post is a little late, but I wanted to share the homemade candles that we made for some friends and family and couldn't ruin the surprise by showing everyone before the 25th!  :) So here ...

  • The Difference Between Housekeeping and Homemaking

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    Hi there!  I share a lot of articles on green living/ small space solutions/ practical housekeeping tips/ decorating ideas on my social networking pages (you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest if that strikes your fancy). I love a quick suggestion on how to live more naturally, and we all dig ...

  • On Compost: Part 1

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    We’re making dirt outside our front door. (Kind of. It’s compost actually, but that doesn't make it any classier.) Just to get our feet wet, today I'm sharing the basics: what compost is, what it’s used for, and how to make it (in very, very simple terms.) (more…)