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Simple Living Interview with Enjoy Life Slowly

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Hello friends! I hope you are doing well. Sometimes I try to picture the readers of Smallish and wonder what your lives look like this week, what your highs and lows are, and what intentionally living small means to you. Right now I'm saying a little prayer for each of you. Just because. Anyways. Earlier this week I ...

What Minimalism Looks Like For Our Family

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Minimalism is a parallel topic that is important to us but that hasn't been addressed directly on Smallish much. My hesitancy to officially claim the term "minimalist" is mostly due to a ridiculous anxiety that we're not quite minimalists yet. I worry that if the Minimalism Police stepped through our door they'd slap us with ...

How to Start a Family in a Small Space

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Hello friends! I recently queried on Facebook for questions readers had for us about intentionally living small. You had some great thoughts! Today's post is a response to one dear friend who asked for advice on how to start a family in a small space. Also, I have several buddies who are pregnant right now and ...

The Gift Of Presence {Guest Post on Becoming Minimalist}

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Minimalism, at its heart, is focusing time, energy and resources towards more important aspects of life. For most people, this intentional fixation results in a widespread clearing of clutter. “Life clutter” may take on many forms: physical belongings, technological fillers (such as alarms or apps), non-life-giving calendar items, even unhealthy relationships. The beauty and allure of minimalism ...

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