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To the Mom Who Lives in a Small Home

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This goes out to all the moms (or dads!) out there who live in a small home... {Spoiler alert! This is an excerpt from a post for the Colorado Springs Moms Blog. Click here to read the whole thing.. :) } This goes out to all the moms out there who live in a small home... and ...

How Minimalism Can Change The World

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Minimalism is primarily a personal pursuit; however it has the potential to bless an exponential number of lives. Generally, minimalism is defined as forgoing the unnecessary to focus on the imperative. Many minimalists state that their reason for limiting belongings or commitments is so they have more money for experiences or to give away, and more ...

Simple Living Interview with Enjoy Life Slowly

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Hello friends! I hope you are doing well. Sometimes I try to picture the readers of Smallish and wonder what your lives look like this week, what your highs and lows are, and what intentionally living small means to you. Right now I'm saying a little prayer for each of you. Just because. Anyways. Earlier this week I ...

What Minimalism Looks Like For Our Family

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Minimalism is a parallel topic that is important to us but that hasn't been addressed directly on Smallish much. My hesitancy to officially claim the term "minimalist" is mostly due to a ridiculous anxiety that we're not quite minimalists yet. I worry that if the Minimalism Police stepped through our door they'd slap us with ...

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