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On Organizing

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Hello Smallishers! :D  I am SO SO excited to bring you a guest post from a dear friend of mine. Johanna and I went to college together, but it wasn't until after she moved out of state that we realized how much we have in common! Jo lives in a smallish house with her husband and two young ...

Take It {Self Care for the Best You}

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Yesterday during nap time I sat outside alone. I deeply inhaled fresh air. The strengthening spring sun's rays warmed my back while I read. It was a much needed break which rejuvenated my heart, mind and body to make it through the rest of the day. My heart overflowed with gratitude, my senses feeding it morsels over ...

5 Ways To Simplify Your Life And Kiss Stress Goodbye

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Hello Smallish friends! I'm super excited to "hand the mic" over to Mark and Laura Tong today. Mark and Laura run a great website called EnjoyLifeSlowly in which they care about all things intentional: destressing, minimalism, slowing down, living healthfully, and more. They are on the front lines of pushing the minimalist lifestyle forward by ...

Family Update and Happy New Year!

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Hello everyone and Happy 2016! I know it's been weeks and weeks since I last posted. It turns out that raising four young people can be quite the rodeo. Who knew? ;) Although my mind swirls with topics to write about (if I was fortunate enough to get more than 6 hours of sleep the previous night), ...

To the Mom Who Lives in a Small Home

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This goes out to all the moms (or dads!) out there who live in a small home... {Spoiler alert! This is an excerpt from a post for the Colorado Springs Moms Blog. Click here to read the whole thing.. :) } This goes out to all the moms out there who live in a small home... and ...

How Minimalism Can Change The World

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Minimalism is primarily a personal pursuit; however it has the potential to bless an exponential number of lives. Generally, minimalism is defined as forgoing the unnecessary to focus on the imperative. Many minimalists state that their reason for limiting belongings or commitments is so they have more money for experiences or to give away, and more ...

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