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Abundance in Minimalism

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At first glance the concepts of minimalism and abundance seem opposite. Contradictory. Mutually exclusive. A discussion about an olive tree revealed to me how abundance and minimalism are actually connected—partners, even—in the forming of a truly meaningful life. Minimalism is the gateway to abundance of the most important sort. Let me back up a minute. Lately ...

Why Contentment is Not a Threat to your Future

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I read an article entitled "How Your Contentment is Killing Your Future"recently. The post challenged the motivation of the minimalism movement and, if I'm honest, left me feeling a little defensive. The heart of the article is for people to discover their purpose, and this is a noble effort. Yet I wanted to set the record straight ...

Why it Takes Courage to Intentionally Live Small

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Last December I visited the dentist. The dental hygienist was making conversation and casually asked me if I had my Christmas shopping done. It was, of course, a harmless question that I'm sure she asked every patient in December, but I found my mind racing. Suddenly the lamp above my head felt like an interrogation light. What ...

Minimalist Motherhood {Minimalist Mom Book Giveaway!}

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Some months ago Rachel Jonat and I chatted on the phone about minimalist motherhood. She is in Canada; I am in Colorado. While our gaggle of children napped we giggled and gabbed like old friends although we've never met. It was awesome. Today I'm wholeheartedly excited to introduce her new book, The Minimalist Mom. (Psst.... I'm giving away a copy, so keep ...

On Organizing

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Hello Smallishers! :D  I am SO SO excited to bring you a guest post from a dear friend of mine. Johanna and I went to college together, but it wasn't until after she moved out of state that we realized how much we have in common! Jo lives in a smallish house with her husband and two young ...

Take It {Self Care for the Best You}

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Yesterday during nap time I sat outside alone. I deeply inhaled fresh air. The strengthening spring sun's rays warmed my back while I read. It was a much needed break which rejuvenated my heart, mind and body to make it through the rest of the day. My heart overflowed with gratitude, my senses feeding it morsels over ...

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