“Cut the Clutter” Podcast {A Christian View on Stuff and Minimalism}

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Hi there, friends. I’ve got something fun to share with you today! 🙂 A couple weeks ago I joined a roundtable discussion on stuff and minimalism from a Christian perspective for Focus on the Family’s Boundless podcast. (Click through to listen!)


The show was a blast; I found it very interesting to hear the opinions of like-minded people (other guests: Anthony Ashley, Andrew Hess, Joshua Becker) on a topic that often crosses my mind.
If you have an hour while scrubbing dishes or driving your commute to work, turn it on and have a little listen. Find the link with episode details here.


Boundless Podcast: Cut the Clutter (Episode 342)


 Here’s a little bonus. Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist called in for a separate portion of the show. I’m a big fan of his work—his story/books/blog are crazy compelling. So when I walked into the studio and heard that he was a guest, I completely geeked out and got all excited about meeting him. Then the show producer informed me that he called in and I was disappointed and dorkified. (Not that me being dorky was anything new, but you know.)

When you get a chance to listen to the podcast, I’d love to extend the discussion to YOU. I know many of you aren’t Christians, but that makes me more interested to hear your input on stuff and life clutter.


So let’s talk.

  • What people or beliefs influence your overall view of stuff and possessions?
  • Do you have a basic philosophy ruling what you own or how tightly you hold onto stuff?
  • In which practical ways do you keep from accumulating too many belongings? Or, how do you keep the belongings that you have from mastering you?
  • What changes that would benefit other people would you like to make in your own life for the next six months?


Scroll down and comment with answers to one or all of the above questions. (And don’t forget to reply to/ encourage other reader’s answers!) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, dear readers! Thanks for walking this road with us.


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  • Sarah T.
    August 25, 2014

    Oh wow. I just journeled last night about the lack of a Christian perspective in the greater minimalism movement. It asks the right questions, but then falls short in its answer. And without a deeper answer than more time, money, and opportunity to pursue passions, it’s quite humanistic in its approach. Looking forward to hearing this. I’ll enjoy it over some coffee during nap time!

    • Evelyn
      August 25, 2014

      Hey Sarah! I think you’re so right. We love the idea, but putting true Christian minimalism into practice is really, really hard. And we’re not even close yet. I pray this journey just keeps us moving more towards the open-handed true Jesus answer to belongings and money! Thanks so much for commenting. Love your thoughts.

  • Simone
    September 1, 2014

    Hi Evelyn,

    I listened and enjoyed the first part of the podcast a lot. I am early in the journey to a minimalist stop. We have four kids, ages 2-18 and we have accumulated much. Did I mention we homeschool? So, we have a lot of books.

    I enjoy reading and listening to Joshua Becker, but the host of the podcast was rude to him. My husband walked in while I was listening and asked me to turn it off, because he thought she was obnoxious and could not believe that she was a believer.

    I definitely pray that God would soften her heart and tone.

    • Evelyn
      September 1, 2014

      Hi Simone,
      Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed part of the podcast; (I’m sorry the host bothered you and your hubby!). We are also looking into homeschooling, but haven’t quite started yet (my oldest is almost 4). That being said, we already do have a ton of books, so we’re going to have to figure out a system for keeping only the best on hand. Too bad there are SO MANY of “only the best!” 🙂 Glad to have you on Smallish.

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