Our One Year Birthday

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Hey there. Guess what? Today is Smallish’s birthday! Exactly one year ago I held my breath, closed my eyes and launched this tiny piece of our story and soul. Over the months I watched as pixels and precious hours collaborated to create community. Now here we are.
In those early days, Number Two was but weeks old. I was tired and inspired and would often wake to feed the baby at 4 a.m., start writing and forget to go back to sleep. And then there were days when I would juggle life and blog a little bit better and only write in the quiet of evening once the Shoebox was spotless (or as close as it gets) and I had given the boys the best of my day. I’m still figuring out the blog/life balance (a process I suppose will be ongoing since life schedules seem to constantly shift), but my most cherished memories from the past blogging year are interactions with you, sweet reader.

Like the first time a complete stranger commented on a post. Caveman will testify; I spent the entire day with a ridiculous smile plastered across my face. And when I connected online with new friends who are also figuring out this small living concept—it was so fun to “meet” each one of you and hear your stories. I think my favorite part of the past year was watching the Smallish community grow, seeing so many of you become acquainted in the comments section and replying to Facebook posts. Sometimes it almost feels like we’re all sitting together chatting because your sweet thoughts and names have become so familiar. I love that. And I love knowing that we’re not alone on this journey of simple and small and less.

So thank you for joining us. Thank you for responding so thoughtfully and consistently to posts. Thank you for your insight and presence!

This milestone seems like a good opportunity to solicit some constructive criticism. (I’m a bit of a golden retriever, so I love genuine, helpful feedback. It’s something that really helps me keep going forward.) Are there pages on Smallish that don’t quite work right? Glitches or quirks that get annoying? Does the comments system work well or should I look for other options? Are there topics you’d like to talk more about, or subjects that are getting old? Is it finally time to invest in a mobile-friendly theme? (Yeah, I know, that one bothers me too….) What would you like to see in the upcoming year for this little corner of the doubya-doubya-doubya?

If you feel like commenting below to share thoughts and advice, go for it. If you’d prefer to write me directly, send me a note at evelyn{at}smallishblog{dot}com. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you! (And seriously, please go get some ice cream to celebrate Smallish’s one year birthday. It’s a good excuse, right? 🙂 )

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