Universal Children’s Day with Compassion International

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Today I’m sharing a little bit of my heart about Universal Children’s Day (which is tomorrow) with Compassion International. Read the post on What reduces a child to a professional beggar here. What on earth does that have to do with Smallish, you ask? Good question. I’m looking at it this way: I mentioned in the post about what Smallish means to us that we strive to keep a wide world-view. Meaning, simply, we want to remember that we are part of a larger world, that we are among the most wealthy percent of the earth’s population. We don’t want to hunker down in our tiny apartment and just spend our small lives with our heads down, ignoring everything around us. We want to live small with the purpose of engaging—so that we are able to give to the less fortunate, pray for the lost, and encourage the downtrodden. That’s the point of living simply and within a small budget: so we can bless others.

One way that we cultivate a global mindset is by sponsoring a sweet young girl from Guatemala through Compassion International. You can read all of the wonderful things that a sponsorship accomplishes for children in poverty here. I’m excited to partner with Compassion because it is one of my favorite organizations—partly due to its deep heart for rescuing children from poverty in Jesus’ name, partly because it is just plain a wonderfully-run organization. They work with local churches to enroll impoverished children in a holistic-care program (I’m a sucker for Christians working together internationally!) Oh and by the way, Compassion is rated as a four-star charity by Charity Navigator, which is a big deal.

So with all that being said, please join me at Compassion’s Blog to observe an important day in children’s rights. See you over there!

(Photo above belongs to Compassion International.)

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