Cloth wipes and a homemade solution

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I’ve mentioned before that Red has my sensitive skin, poor guy. That beautiful creamy epidermis flairs at the slightest irritation. When he was a baby, we had trouble getting rid of his diaper rash. He pretty much had a perma-rash for the first six months of his life. It was a frustrating off-and-on process of trying to clear up his little toosh. We tried everything, and finally we had a breakthrough. We started using cloth wipes and a homemade solution when we changed his diapers. It worked. The homemade diaper wipe solution gives his skin the protection it needs but also keeps it moisturized and clean. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial to make cloth wipes and how to mix the natural solution.

 Let’s start with making the wipes. It’s a very in-depth, intricate process so you might want to grab some paper and a pen to make notes. Ready?

Step 1: Find some scissors.
Step 2: Cut up an old (clean) cotton t-shirt into little wipe-sized strips.

That’s it. Yup, that’s how I made my cloth wipes because I’m lazy, and I hate to sew. And Caveman has a whole stack of old ratty t-shirts that he would probably still be wearing if I hadn’t put my foot down and forbade him from leaving the house in them.

(Huh. But now that I think about it, he wore a bright pineapple-printed Hawaiian t-shirt to church last Sunday. In September. And there was nothing I could do to stop him. So maybe I don’t have as much power as I think I do.)

Anyways, I figured that by reusing the old t-shirts I was 1) saving money and 2) recycling to save the earth. And that’s what it’s all about. Then I did the hokey pokey and I turned myself around. Clap Clap.

I should mention that almost every cloth diaper store or website offers cloth wipes to buy. They’re usually really cute and crazy soft. They’re professionally stitched and come in pretty colors and everything. On Pinterest, it’s easy to find tutorials on how to make your own cloth wipes, which turn out adorable if you’re into that whole sewing thing.

However you acquire them, reusable cloth wipes are a GREAT way to save a little moolah. We use mostly cloth wipes at home and buy fewer disposable wipes as a result. Yes, we do still buy disposable wipes, but only a package every other month or so. They come in really handy when you’re faced with… shall we say… something that needs to be scraped off the diaper. And it’s not like they add a lot of laundry to the load because they’re so small. Even if you use disposable diapers, cloth wipes could still save you a little cash if you’re willing to wash them.

Let’s move on to the homemade solution that we use. There are endless cloth wipe solution recipes out there. Have some fun mixing and matching to find the right formula for your kid’s skin. The one we use is as follows:

1 tablespoon baby wash or baby shampoo
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 drops tea tree oil
2 drops lavender essential oil
2 cups water

I mix it, shake it up and store it in an old ranch dressing mix container because that’s what I had available at the time. It’s the perfect size and well, it works just great. It’s also a great conversation starter with the babies.

“Really, Mom? You couldn’t find a better container?”
“Sorry dear. One day you’ll learn that ranch is one of the universe’s most powerful substances. You should be proud that I chose this humble vessel to hold your wipe solution.”

When I’m changing a diaper, I just pour a little bit of solution onto a wipe and then clean the diaper area. The bonus is that the essential oils make the boys’ room smell like a spa instead of the diaper cave that it is. So that’s nice. Seriously though, the solution has actually worked wonders for the boys’ skin. If you’ve been fighting diaper rash on your child, I definitely recommend trying out a homemade wipe solution.

Alright, the word “wipe” is starting to sound really gross, so we’ll stop here. Got an opinion or question about cloth wipes and homemade solutions? Spill it, friends!

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  • Anthony
    October 20, 2012

    We cloth diapered our son and found it was actlualy easier to also use cloth wipes and just put it all in the laundry together. I used to make a mixture of the following (sorry I can’t remember the exact measurements, it was mainly water though):WaterBaby washSome kind of oil (at first I used up my stretch mark oil then baby oil then sometimes olive oil, whatever I had on hand)Tea Tree OilVitamin E OilI loaded ours into a wipes warmer which seemed to keep the changes from being a shocking surprise to our little one. Also, I used baby flannel cut to fit folded in half in the wipe warmer. Some were cut up receiving blankets (useless when you have a huge baby, seriously those blankets were like trying to wrap him in a hand towel), some were scraps of flannel on sale at JoAnn, some were just scraps from my fabric stash but I cut them and serged the edges. It might have also worked to cut with pinking shears for those without a serger.

    • Evelyn
      October 20, 2012

      Thanks for your input, Anthony! We tried a wipe warmer for a while but just couldn’t get happy with it. Instead, our boys just get cold solution on their bums. 🙂

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